What Is A Butterfly Haircut?

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Posted on July 17 2023

If you're longing for a new hairstyle, then a stylish and unique butterfly hairstyle might be just the thing for you. The possibilities of this hairstyle are endless, allowing you to switch back and forth between different hairstyles. What are you waiting for. Try this year's most popular new hairstyle trend - the butterfly haircut!


What is a butterfly haircut?

This hairstyle is inspired by styles from the past, especially the bouffant hairstyles of the 70s and 90s. This feathered hairstyle features wispy, cascading layers that allow your strands to move like a butterfly on its wings. Butterfly hairstyles strike a nice balance between short layers and long layers. The cut features two distinct parts, with short, wispy layers that wrap around the chin, framing your face and accentuating your features, while longer layers fall below the shoulders to maintain the look of long hairstyles.

Because of this difference in layers, the butterfly hairstyle can also be considered a two-in-one look. Short layers can visibly frame the face, however, you can still wear long hair.


Who should try butterfly haircut?

Butterfly clips are the best way to experiment with short hair without actually cutting off most of your hair. But this hairstyle is not for everyone.

The butterfly haircut is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve fuller, healthier hair without sacrificing length. It creates volume and shape, and layering lends movement to the entire hairstyle.

Butterfly haircuts aren't the most flattering option for those with thinning hair. Because thin, feathered layers can make thinning hair look even thinner. So, if you have thinning hair and want to try this hairstyle, you'd better seek better advice from a professional stylist.

Overall, this hairstyle is great for women with curly hair and thick hair, as the layers remove the fluff while giving your hair the fluid movement of a gorgeous shape.

5 Butterfly Haircut Inspirations

1. Butterfly haircut with bangs


If you like sweet styles or don’t want a butterfly cut to elongate your face, then a butterfly cut with bangs is your best bet.


2. Butterfly haircuts with waves


If your hair is not that thick, opt for a butterfly cut with waves to add more volume to your locks.


3. Short butterfly haircut


Can I do a butterfly cut with short hair? The answer is yes. The short butterfly cut hairstyle can make your hair look more natural, unique and full of charm.


4. Butterfly haircuts with highlights


To get more creative with your butterfly haircut, start with color. Add soft highlights to the black hair to give more depth to the color on the hair.


5. Butterfly Hair with Money Piece


Money piece is a technique where the hair color is lighter at the hairline than elsewhere for a very noticeable contrast. Money piece highlights on a butterfly hairstyle can add dimension to your face-framing hairstyle.


How to style the butterfly haircut?

This is a hairstyle that requires a lot of maintenance and blow drying. Apply a heat protectant to your hair, then a volumizing mousse at the crown. Take a round brush and curl the ends with a blow dryer. Roll the brush away from the face. Shake your hair with your fingers to give it more volume, and smooth the hair into place at the end.

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