7 Fun And Flattering Haircuts Ideas For Women

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on March 14 2023

Bored of your current hair style and looking for some new hairstyle trends? Here are 7 amazing haircut ideas, from classic cuts, shaggy layers to modern creative cuts, come and choose the hairstyle that inspires you the most!

Lob Haircut


Lobs are unique in that they are not long hair, but they are not short either, making them a classic in the world of hairstyles. It's essentially a variation of the bob cut, with the lob cut just above the shoulders, at shoulder level, or just below. It can design a variety of hairstyles and modify the face shape very well.


Butterfly Haircut


The butterfly haircut is a very layered, feathered hairstyle with the longest layers falling just below the shoulders. The shorter layers are cut around the crown of your head, with two sections of hair on each side of the head. When you need to make your hair appear shorter, simply tie the back section up and let the shorter front layers loose.

Wolf Haircut


Simply put, a wolf cut is a hybrid of a shag and mullet cut, with heavy layers at the crown and wavy ends at the sides and back.It is very versatile and suitable for medium length straight, wavy or naturally curly hair.

Jellyfish haircut

The Jellyfish haircut has choppy layers, with the upper section resembling a short bob with longer layers below. Judging from the overall appearance, it is very similar to the shape of jellyfish.


Shag haircut

Shag haircuts can be short, long, with endless possibilities. A classic or true shag has choppy layers, bangs, a middle part and lots of volume on top for a very layered look.


Pixie haircut


The Pixie Cut is a short hair style with a longer top and shorter back and sides, with a variety of hairstyle options. If you are looking for a versatile short hair style, then the pixie cut is undoubtedly your best bet. You have no reason to miss out on this sleek and chic take on a classic hairstyle.


Layered haircuts

Layering is a great way to spice up dull hair! Whether your hair is thick, medium or thin, curly, wavy or straight, layering will give you the right cut. Your hair will have more shape, texture and volume, giving you a stylish hairstyle that is unique to you!



These unique hairstyle cuts are the best ideas for adding some interest to your hair and expressing your personal style. Whether you like bold or understated hairstyles, the above will suit your preferences. If you have more interesting hairstyle ideas, welcome to share with us!