13x6 HD lace wigs are made of HD lace and half machine-made wig caps. The lace part is 13 inches in width and 6 inches in depth, and 100% human hair is attached to the machine-made wig cap. Due to the larger the lace area, the better the air permeability, the 13x6 HD lace front wig has better air permeability than the 13x4 HD lace front wig. If you pursue a supernatural appearance and comfortable wearing experience, then 13x6 HD lace wigs will undoubtedly be the best choice.

Alibonnie 13x6 HD lace front wigs are made of 100% real human hair, which is soft and comfortable with a shiny and smooth look. Our 13x6 Transparent HD lace wigs of different textures will bring you a different fashion appearance and wearing experience.

Advantages of 13x6 HD lace wigs

More breathable & comfortable. 

No more lace tinting. 

Thinner, softer, lightweight, and durable.

Natural Hair Roots, look like your real scalp. 

No Bleaching is Needed, and No work is needed!


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