New trends 4c Edge hairline wig also known as curly edge wig, the hairline part of the wig has type 4c hair. Curly baby hair edges are attached to the transparent lace so that the front part of the lace is not exposed at all, and the hair looks like it grew naturally from your scalp. For women looking for a natural look, there's nothing better than a 4c edge wig.

Why Choose 4C Edges Wig?

Alibonnie 4C edge wigs are made from 100% real human hair with an intact cuticle and fewer tangles and shedding, making it soft and comfortable to wear.

Real 4c Edge curly baby hair blends perfectly into the scalp to help create a natural realistic look.

The hairline lace part with curly baby hair helps hide the lace and completely avoids the risk of lace being exposed.

The most natural 4c edge hairline wig, with no additional baby hair manipulation, is required, beginner friendly.



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