Full lace wigs are the wigs with the most lace area, and unlike lace front wigs and 360 wigs, the base is also made of lace and is sized to cover the entire head. It takes a lot of time and high-quality raw materials to complete the whole wig production by weaving the hair bundles into the lace net by hand. Alibonnie Wig Store offers the best high-quality full lace wigs, 100% virgin human hair, in a vast selection according to length, color, and density. Full lace frontal wigs are undoubtedly the best choice for women who want to pursue the most natural effect on wigs. It will make you look great and you can buy it here with confidence!

Advantages of Alibonnie Full Lace Wigs

Due to the large lace coverage area of the full lace wig, it will feel more comfortable when worn on the head, and it is more breathable and light.

The appearance looks very natural, as long as it is installed well, it is almost impossible to be seen as wearing a wig.

Parting hair anywhere on lace, not just in the middle, has more possibilities.

Easy to create many different styles, you can style any hairstyle you want on the wig without revealing that you are wearing a wig. Whether it's on-trend cape hair or wanting to experiment with ponytail styles, you can complete these ideal looks with a full lace wig.


5x5 Wear & Go Long Wigs


10X6 Parting Max Wigs