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So beautiful bundles.So natural and soft.I have installed it already.And the curls do not tangle!Buy it!

No bad smell is really nice.And the hair is very natural and soft.I love the beautiful curls best!

Wow! Love it so much!This is my first time trying bundles.So gorgeous curls and so nice quality hair!I will buy again soon!

I love the curls very much for no tangling.So soft and beautiful.Fast shipping and good customer service.Thank you!

Very high quality bundles!Soft and gorgeous.No shedding and no tangling! I love it.

The shipping is fast.I bought it for my sister.She is very satisfied!So beautiful curl and so nice quality.Thank you!

Body wave curl is my favorite and so fit on me.I have bought it for three times!Very nice and buy it!

Are you still deciding? Don't wait! Very high quality bundles and no bad smell.I love it so much.And also the customer service is really friendly and helpful.

I love straight hair, so I bought this straight bundles.So satisfied.Very soft and no shedding.It worths!Thank you!

It’s so soft and the curls are so beautiful barely any shedding.And I would definitely recommend.

Very pretty curly bundles hair!I have installed it and it's very soft.And the customer service is also really nice.I will order again.

I have installed it already.So natural and gorgeous.Very pretty curls and no tangle.My friends all like it and I will recommend it to them.

I really love the body wave curls.So pretty and it's so fit on me.And the customer service is really very nice!!! I will order again soon.

Wow! So beautiful curls!It's my taste and it's very soft.No bad smell and no tangling.Buy the bundles right now!

Woohoo!!! So beautiful curls.No bad smell and no shedding.Buy it right now.Do not wait!

I love the straight bundles.It's my first choice.And it's very convenient in daily life.I have recommended it to my sister.She loves it very much.

The customer service is really nice,which helps me a lot.And the quality of the bundles is super and the shipping is fast.

Wow! Very beautiful bundles! I have installed it already.Very convenient and comfortable.Thank you for the nice service!

613 blonde color bundles!!! I love it so much.The color is so beautiful and gorgeous.And no tangling and shedding.Very soft and full.Buy it!

For no tangling and no shedding,I love it so much.The customer service is also satisfying.Very soft bundles.Buy it!

The bundle is just as the pictures,soft and doesn’t tangle. I highly recommend and am thinking about buying more from this seller. Thank you.

Buy it! It is very easy to install.And it looks very natural.No shedding and no bad smell.I will order again soon.

I’ve never had a 360 wig before I’m so excited about installing it.

The lace quality is so good and thin that it’s perfect as a glueless unit. I brushed the natural body wave texture out with a soft brush and added some loose curls with a flat iron and it’s even better! This wig holds a curl beautifully and is so soft. Highly recommend!

Just in time for my bday this wig is worth more than 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐