What Is Money Piece Hair?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on August 15 2023

Have you ever heard of or know what money piece hair is? Money piece hair is in vogue. If you have been following some social media, you will find it everywhere. This new hair color idea is one of those hair color trends that isn't going away anytime soon.

What is money piece hair?

Thanks to the influence of social media and the push of celebrities, money piece hair has become popular. So what exactly is a "money piece"? Also known as face framing highlights, money piece hair is a special coloring technique. It makes the hair streaks on the sides of the face brighter than the rest of the hair. Money pieces are done when you try to dye the front strands of your hair a lighter color.

Will money piece hair become obsolete?

You can rest assured that this hair trend is here to stay and remains popular for a while. It's been a fashion favorite since its inception and looks to be going strong in 2023.

Why money piece hair will become popular trend?

If you're craving a hair update but don't want a full head of colored wigs or a monthly trip to the salon, money piece hair is the perfect solution. It offers customers a whole new look without the fuss.


Money piece hair visibly brightens your complexion with minimal upkeep and maintenance. A few strands of light-colored hair are gathered around the hairline for a simple yet striking look.


This trend works with every hair color, from natural black hair to bright blonde hair, you can add money piece highlights to your base color. If you have a darker base hair color, incorporating some lighter shades into your tresses can create a unique effect.


The beauty of the money piece is also that it can go with any color or style, any skin tone. Like the balayage technique, it can also be customized to your face shape, cut, style and desired color.


Make your look stand out, and if you want an affordable and fun way to add color to your hair with minimal effort, then try a money piece hairstyle.

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