What Do You Know About Skunk Stripe Hair?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on August 15 2023

What are the new hair trends in 2023? Do you know skunk stripe hair? Yes, that's right, skunk-stripe hair is making a comeback again, and get a new lease on life when it comes to hair ideas. This style of hair is widely circulated on social media and even appears on those influential celebrities. It will add some unique thought to your look, or allow you to play with hair color without having to dye your entire head. Regardless, skunk stripe hair is trending, follow along with us to learn more about it.

What is skunk stripe hair?

The name speaks for itself, and the adorable black and white animal skunk inspired this latest hairstyle trend. Skunk stripe hair is the latest evolution of chunky highlights, and it is achieved by dyeing a strand (or strands) of black hair a contrasting color. You can also understand it as a light streak in the middle of dark hair. While black and white colors are the most obvious choice, skunk striped hair can be worn in platinum blonde, light brown, and other shades.

Why is the skunk stripe trend becoming popular?

In the new season, in addition to the changes in clothes and accessories, it is also important to choose fashionable colored wigs. Adding some unique ideas to your hair can instantly add chic oomph to your look.

Unlike those subtle variations of face-framing highlights, skunk-striped hair color can be had with chunky highlights, making it uniquely bold and hard to ignore.

This two-tone hair makes all the impossible of mixing light and dark shades possible. It looks so cool and edgy!

This style usually comes in a variety of eye-catching color options, such as platinum, blonde, light brown, or bright highlights that contrast with your hair.

Skunk Stripe hair VS Money Piece hair: What's the difference?

A closer resemblance to skunk stripe hair is money piece hair, which can sometimes seem indistinguishable. So what's the difference between the two, and how can you better tell the difference between a skunk stripe hair and a money piece hair?


In terms of similarity, the money piece hair and the skunk stripe hair are concentrated on the sides of the cheeks. Create a sense of uniqueness and style by highlighting this section of hair and coloring it to contrast with the rest.


From different angles, the area of the highlighted area and the boldness of the color are different. Money piece hair is essentially a balayage technique. By highlighting the hair on both sides of the face, the stripes on both sides are brighter than the rest of the hair, so as to better modify the face shape. It's usually a shade lighter than all-over hair color for a soft pop of color.


The skunk striped hair highlights more areas, the color is bolder and more vibrant than money piece highlights, creating an exaggerated color contrast with the rest of the hair.

In Conclusion

Skunk stripe is undoubtedly a very popular hairstyle. If you want to try this unique hair, please buy a skunk striped wig and try it out to avoid the embarrassment of not liking it after dyeing it.

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