Get The Best Lace Front Wigs To Subvert Your Look In 2023

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Posted on May 28 2023

What is a lace front wig? Why are lace front wigs so popular? How to maintain your lace front wig? If you are a senior fan of lace front wigs, then you should easily know the answers to these questions. But if you are a wig beginner, then you should continue reading this article to know some things you must know about lace front wigs.



what are lace front wigs?

What are the benefits of lace front wigs?

How to wash your lace front wig?

Other precautions for maintaining lace front wigs

Best lace front wigs you should try

What are lace front wigs?

The lace front wig has a thin layer of transparent lace mesh attached to the front, and the rest of the wig is made of machine mesh. These laces are placed along the forehead to mimic the natural hairline, making the hair appear as if it were growing from the wearer's own scalp. Lace front wigs are a great option for those who are wearing wigs for the first time. Because they look natural enough not to be seen wearing a wig.

The most common sizes for lace front wigs are 13×4 lace front wigs and 13×6 lace front wigs, 13 refers to the length from ear to ear, and 4 or 6 refers to the depth from the hairline back. Since the 13×6 lace front wig is 2 inches longer than the 13×4 lace front wig, it has more room to separate. You can choose freely according to your own needs.

What are the benefits of lace front wigs?

1. Incredibly natural look. One of the biggest advantages of lace front wigs is that they help create the illusion that the hair is growing from your natural scalp. Because of the natural look, no one will notice you're wearing a wig unless you say it yourself.


2. Diverse designs can easily subvert your appearance. Lace front wigs open up more possibilities for your styling, whether straight, wavy or curly textured, it can be styled in many ways.


3. Solve hair problems and boost your self-confidence. Human hair lace front wigs with baby hair are perfect for baldness, hair loss, hairline and more.


4. Lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear. After wearing a wig for a long time, your scalp may feel uncomfortable. The lace front wig has sheer lace which allows your scalp to get more breath and still provides a cool feeling even in hot weather.


5. Durable enough to last a long time. With proper care, lace front wigs can last for a year or more.

How to wash your lace front wig?

Before washing your lace front wig, remove any tangles from the wig. You can start at the roots with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb and work your way through the knots slowly. Do not use too much force to avoid excessive damage to the wig.


After untying the knot, place the wig in warm water. Using a professional shampoo product, apply the shampoo to the wig and rub it lightly. Do not rub and twist the wig too much during this process, so as not to cause the wig to fall off and break.


After rinsing the wig, use a dry towel to absorb excess moisture. Also don't twist the wig.


Try to avoid using a hair dryer as this can damage your wig. Allow the wig to dry naturally in a naturally ventilated place away from direct sunlight.


It is recommended to place the wig on a wig stand, which helps to maintain the shape of the wig and avoid its deformation.


Other precautions for maintaining lace front wigs

Keep the wig hydrated and avoid drying it out. Regularly use a moisturizing spray to maintain a relatively moist state.


Sunlight can cause irreparable damage to wigs, tarnishing their luster and softness, which is why it is important to keep wigs out of direct sunlight.


Taking off your lace front wig before bed can prolong the life of your wig. If you don't want to take it off, wrap your wig in a smooth silk fabric to reduce friction while you sleep.


If you plan to use hot tools to restyle your lace front wig, be careful with the temperature and don't let them get too hot, which will most likely burn or damage your wig. It's best to use standard temperatures to style your wig.

Best lace front wigs you should try

Lace front wigs are very popular and can be found on numerous online stores. But if you want to buy high quality lace front wigs, please visit Alibonie official website. You can find a wide variety of human hair lace front wigs at reasonable prices. If you're interested, don't miss these best lace front wigs you should try.

Straight lace front wigs

Lace front wigs for straight hair are the most common wig texture, are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and are the best option for women who want to try lace front wigs.



Curly lace front wigs

Human hair curly lace front wigs are very popular among black women. Intensive curls give a voluminous look, whether it's a short curly lace front wig or a long curly lace front wig that gives you a stylish and unique look.

Wavy lace front wigs

Wavy lace front wigs are neither drab like straight wigs nor exaggerated like jerry curly wigs, with a natural magnitude of texture and a delicate balance between the two. Due to the different degree of curling, there are more specific subdivisions of wavy lace front wigs, including body wave lace front wigs, water wave lace front wigs, deep wave lace front wigs, loose wave lace front wigs, all of which are very popular exist.


Bob lace front wigs

Bob wigs are a favorite of women who love short hair, and they are often seen in daily life and work. With the increase of wig styles, short bob lace front wigs, blonde bob lace front wigs, curly bob lace front wigs are also more popular.

613 blonde lace front wigs

You should get yourself a colored lace front wig this fall. There are many colorful lace wig series on the market, 613 blonde lace front wigs, ginger lace front wigs, light/dark brown lace front wigs, red lace front wigs are all popular color trends in autumn 2022. Among them, the 613 blonde lace front wig is the most common and will never go out of fashion. Blondes will wear it on various occasions and have a unique fashion charm.



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