What is the easiest wig for beginners?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on May 21 2023

 What are headband wigs?

1. human hair headband wigs


Headband wig is a kind of wig without lace. Each headband wig has only one breathable elastic mesh cap, which can cover three-quarters of a person's head. Cover the rest with ice silk headband. 

Why is headband wig one of the easiest wigs for beginners?

1) As I said above, headband wigs have no lace, so people don't need glue to fix them. A headband wig can be installed in about 2 minutes using only a few clips and an adjustable belt. On the other hand, it is also easy to take off. Headband wigs are not only easy to install, but also help people save time and energy.

2) No lace will also affect the price of headband wigs. The price is more affordable and more competitive for most people. There is no price pressure on this wig. This is a good choice for beginners.

3) Each headband wig has a Velcro on the back. Beginners can easily adjust the overturn.

4) Headband wigs can be used for different hairstyles. Including ponytail, bun, etc.

5) The headband wig in alibonnie's hair has a variety of beautiful hair qualities: curly hair, body wave hair, straight hair, natural wave hair, loose deep wave hair, deep wave hair, kink curl, kink straight hair and African kink curl. Different hairstyles can meet the different needs of all customers.

6) In addition to different hair qualities, headband wigs also have different hair colors. Like #017#019#022# bright 33# dark 30# ginger # red 99j Burgundy # black natural piano. People with different hair colors can show their unique style.

7) Both hair texture and hair color can be specified by the customer. If you need a special hairstyle, you can contact customer service. 

What is the easiest wig for beginners?

2. U part wigs  human hair


The name of the u part wig is because each u part wig has a 2x4 u part opening at the middle top. Why does every u part wig have this open u part? It is used to expose people's own hair from the open U-shape. In this way, primitive human hair can be mixed with the hair of a u part wig. The appearance of wigs will be more natural and realistic. In addition, I will introduce some advantages of u part wig:

1) Now, there are five different types of u part wigs: straight hair, body wave hair, natural wave hair, curly hair and twisted straight hair. A wide range of choices, all beginners are free to choose any hair texture as their first choice.

2) Three typical and attractive hair colors: 1B / 99j, 1B / 613, natural black. All these hair colors can reflect different beauty.

3) The u part wig also has no lace. In the wig market, u part wigs are more affordable and competitive than ordinary lace wigs. Most people can accept the price.

4) The biggest advantage of u part wig is more convenient installation. By choosing a u part wig, all beginners don't have to worry about complex operations.5) Considering that it's summer, the u part wig is comfortable and breathable. You can wear it all day, every day, without discomfort.


3. How to get these simplest wigs?

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