U Part Wigs Human Hair

What are u part wigs human hair?

U part wigs are hair extensions sewn onto a U-shaped wig cap, and through the U-shaped opening at the top, you can mix your real hair with the wig for a more natural hairline. Generally speaking, U part wigs human hair have a variety of styles to meet your needs, you can choose the middle or side U part to achieve the style you want. It's all up to you, enough to be enjoyable!


What are pros and cons of u part wigs?


  • Provides a more natural look
  • Protect your hairline and scalp
  • Enough room for the scalp to breathe
  • Helpful hair growth
  • You can freely set the style according to your own preferences
  • Quickly put on or take off
  • No installation skills required
  • Friendly for beginners and those with sensitive skin
  • Quickly builds volume and length
  • Inexpensive enough to be affordable


  • Using heat tools to heat mixed hair may cause hair damage, breakage
  • The wearing time is shorter than that of lace wigs
  • It can easily fall off if not installed properly
  • Not suitable for people with hair loss on the top of the head, the thinning part of the hair cannot completely cover the opening part of the U part wig human hair.

Where to buy top quality u part wig human hair?

If you're looking for U part wigs, don't miss Alibonnie. There are many different types, textures, and colors of U part wigs to choose from, including curly U part wigs, U part wig bob, blonde U part wigs, and more. The specific opening at the top allows you to pull out a section of your hair to blend in perfectly with the wig without risking exposure. Buy Alibonnie the best U part wig human hair online now, it's worth a try!