What Is The Best Length For A Bob Wig?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on December 21 2022

If you are a person who likes short hair style, then bob wig is something you must not miss. As a classic shape, it has been loved by women of all ages since it was designed. Bob wigs of different shapes and lengths emerge in an endless stream on the market. Choosing bob wigs of different lengths will also give people a different look. So what lengths are available for bob wigs? What is its optimum length? This article will introduce how to choose the best bob wig length.


What is the length of the wig?

The length of the wig refers to the length from the root of the hair to the tip of the hair. When buying wigs online, merchants will display wigs in different lengths. For straight hair, the length of the wig is well measured. But when measuring curly wigs and wavy wigs, it needs to be straightened to get accurate data. At the same length, the texture of curly wigs and wavy wigs makes the hair look much shorter than straight hair.


What are the common bob wig lengths?

Common bob wig lengths are generally between 8-14 inches, including 8-inch bob wigs, 10-inch bob wigs, 12-inch bob wigs, and 14-inch bob wigs. If it goes beyond that, then we don't call it a bob wig.

8 Inch bob wig: Its length is usually 3-4 cm below the ears, and it will obviously show your facial features and face shape directly without too much modification.

10 Inch bob wig: 10-inch bob wigs are slightly longer than 8-inch bob wigs, and may reach your neck. Of course, for people who are too tall or too short, the specific position may also be significantly different.

12 Inch bob wig: For most people, the length of a 12 inch bob wig may range to about shoulder level. This is an elegant length that is chosen by most people.

14 Inch bob wig: The length of the 14-inch bob wig is about 35 cm, and this length may reach the top of your back. Whether you opt for curly or straight hair, this length is perfect.


How to measure the length of bob wig?

If you want to make sure that the length of the bob wig you bought is the length you want, then you can take a measurement yourself, which is very simple. All you need is a ruler and your wig. If you're buying a straight bob wig, measure the distance from root to tip for the most accurate results. But if your bob wig is curly or wavy, you will need to stretch it before you measure, then use a ruler to measure the length of the wig from root to tip.


What is the best length for a bob wig?

The best length for a bob wig is entirely up to your preferences. There is no clear answer to this question, because everyone's pursuit is completely different. Some people like a slightly shorter bob wig hairstyle, which looks clean and neat, while others like a longer bob wig hairstyle, which looks more fluffy and natural. It's all about finding the product that best suits your own needs.


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