How to choose a bob wig for you

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on April 14 2023

Bob wig is very popular in human hair wigs. It has won the favor of many customers because of its simple and elegant appearance. Therefore, how to find the right hairstyle is very important. Now I'll show you how to choose the right short bob wig.


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1. It is recommended to use a combined Bob Wig

Portfolio sales in progress! The combined sales of two-piece Bob wigs provide customers with greater discounts and better experience. We offer a $5 discount above $99. The more you buy, the greater the discount. You may not get a discount. You only need to buy a one-piece Bob Wig. At the same time, you can choose from a variety of hairstyles. Straight hair and bangs combination products.

If you like a young and interesting hairstyle, please choose the combination of bangs, on the contrary, if you like emperament hair, please choose a combination without bangs. You can find your favorite human hair bob wig in human hair.

2. Find one that suits your skin color

Your hair color should match your skin color. If your skin is white, black is not the best choice... We have natural black hair and Medium Brown Lace color, which is more suitable for people with dark skin.



3. Your face shape

Some people's long hair looks insignificant, but short hair makes her look more recognizable. I think the choice of hairstyle is inextricably linked to the face shape. Next, I will tell you which face shape
It works better with Bob's hair.

Square faced girls can easily give people a sense of distance, especially when they have long hair, they can't feel close, so choose short and fluffy hair, bangs and shapes under eyebrows to make you look more easygoing.

Small faced girls choose short hair, which will make you exude bookish anger.

I hope what I said above is helpful to you. If you want to buy a Bob Wig, please visit Alibonnie hair to find the one suitable for you.


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