What is a burgundy human hair wig?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on April 18 2023

What color is Burgundy?

Burgundy actually originated from a beverage, which was named after the Burgundy people of the ancient Germanic tribe. Burgundy is a dark brownish red wine, which is motivated by wines from Burgundy, France. In the RGB color space (composed of red, green and blue lights), hex Burgundy is composed of 50.2% red, 0% green and 12.5% blue. Burgundy hair color is a mixture of brown and purple to form a dark Burgundy Red Wine tone.

Most people may be confused about Burgundy and maroon, which are lighter than maroon. Purple may be a key difference between the two colors. Burgundy is a mixture of brown and red, with purple, while maroon has no purple, and maroon has slightly more reddish brown.

Like a wonderful wine, the hair color of Cabernet Sauvignon will glitter in the slightest light. The bold tones of beautiful Burgundy provide a wonderful composition and contrast for each skin color.




Why is Burgundy hairstyle popular?

In the early days, people always thought that the color of Burgundy was difficult to remove, whether it was the color of hair or clothes, so few people would take this color as the first choice for makeup. It was not until modern society that Burgundy began to be regarded as the representative of high social status. Princesses from different countries prefer to wear Burgundy, and the bathroom is quite noble and elegant. Today, Burgundy is on the market and is popular as a reasonably priced color.

In the author's opinion, Burgundy creates a romantic atmosphere just by hearing the word, not to mention that when the real color appears in front of you, it is like a mysterious and sacred queen. Burgundy is more complex and serious than the real red and purple, symbolizing ambition, wealth and power. On the other hand, show women's cool and elegant.

Keep the color of Burgundy delicate and restrained, and actively exude self-confidence. Just as Burgundy wine improves the soul, Burgundy hair color can improve your hair style. Red is now popular, especially the color of Burgundy. Deep burgundy looks attractive and tempting - just like the color of hair, it's really attractive! Never wear a burgundy wig in the sun because it's too dazzling to make you regret wearing it too late. 



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