Relaxed and cool hairstyle in summer

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on April 17 2023

Although summer is full of fun, the weather is getting hotter. Summer is usually very hot. Sometimes it was stifling hot. If people want to wear wigs in summer, they need to choose something simple and cool. Today's article will recommend some wigs for summer use.

What kind of wigs do you wear in summer?

If people wear wigs for a long period of time in the summer, they can easily get prickling under the wigs. Because the scalp perspires easily in summer. On the one hand, sweating is your body's way of trying to cool you down. On the other hand, sweating is more likely to be cooled by the wind. Under normal circumstances, after the sweat, wigs need to be replaced in time. Or the rash can spread throughout the scalp. It's important to choose a wig for summer. But which wigs are great? These wigs need to have three characteristics.


1. Breathe freely

Yes, air permeability is very important for summer wigs. This will allow more air into your wig and make you cooler. If ventilated poorer, the meeting after perspire is very afflictive. After all, comfort is a prerequisite for wearing wigs on a daily basis.

2. Easy to wear

Considering the quickening pace of modern society, the increasingly fierce competition has brought high psychological pressure to people. Every morning is a rush. People need to save time wearing wigs. Summer wigs need to be easier to remove.

3. Easy maintenance

Every single wig for Alibonnie Hair is 100 percent virgin hair. With proper care, wigs can be used for at least a year. Easy to maintain wigs are not only suitable for beginners, but also for regular customers.

Wigs for summer to wear

So, I would recommend some typical summer wigs.


Headband wig


A headband wig is also called a half-wig. It's a hair wig with a breathable elastic mesh cap covering three-quarters of the head and an ice ribbon covering the rest. The wig was made of ice silk without lace, with Velcro on the back. The wig was easy to put on and take off. It usually takes only two minutes to install a wig. It also allows you to do simpler cool hairstyles like ponytails or buns. Both styles will keep you cool in the summer. Headband wigs are also more affordable and competitive.

U part wigs


The U part wig is a new type of wig. Some wigs also lacked lace. Open a 2x4 U part on the middle top of each U section wig. People can have their real human hair exposed from the open U part and then mixed with the hair in the U part of the wig. The human hair is combined with the hair of the wig. In this way, people can make the whole hair wig style more natural and realistic. Installing a U part wig is also easy, with no glue, just some clips and adjustable straps to hold it in place. If you want to know how to install the U part wig specifically, view this article about u part wig install.


Bob Wig


According to the length of the wig. Wigs can be divided into long hair wigs and short bob hair wigs. In the summer, a short bob wig is more suitable. Short hair is cooler and easier to maintain. Short hair has a different feel to it than long hair. It gives a feeling of cleanliness and vitality. A good bob wig can be dyed and redesigned on many occasions. You can redesign your bob wig to different hair textures or hair colors, including straight hair, curly hair #99J, #613, #1B, etc.