Step By Step To Install A U Part Wig

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on December 14 2022

Do you know what a U part wig is and how to install it? Read this article and follow along with us to learn more about U part wigs.

What is u part wig human hair?

U part wigs are also called 3/4 wigs, which are hair extensions sewn on the U-shaped wig cap. There is a U-shaped opening in the front that allows you to leave out a portion of your own hair to blend in with the wig, creating a natural hairline and look. You can choose a middle or side U part to create the style you want. 100% human hair, free of any chemicals, healthy and thick, will not tangle and fall off easily, it is an ideal wig for beginners.

Advantages of u part wigs

Create a natural look

Are you worried about your wig looking unnatural? Using a U part wig is an important way to help you create the perfect look. Use your own natural hair at the top opening to create the hairline, the mix of real hair and wig will give a more natural look and no one will know you are wearing a wig.

Friendly to those with sensitive skin

U part wigs are glueless wigs, which do not use glue to install. So if you have sensitive skin, it is best to choose a U part wig to avoid allergies.


Easy to install and remove


U part wigs without glue and do not require complicated installation process. It is easy to install and remove in just a few minutes, saving time and effort.

Allow the scalp to breathe

There is a fine transparent mesh under the U part wig cap, and a U-shaped opening in the front, which allows the scalp and hair to breathe more without affecting the natural hair growth.

How to install u part wig for beginners?

Wondering how to install a U part wig? Check out the detailed steps below to learn how to complete the U part wig installation step by step.  


Step1: According to the shape of the U-shaped part of the wig, determine the part you want to leave the hair, whether to choose the middle part or the side.


Step2: Cornbraid the rest of your natural hair, keeping it as flat as possible.


Step3: Hold the U part wig, put it on your head, and secure it on your head with the included clip.


Step4: Take your natural hair out and mix it with the wig to ensure the whole look looks natural.


Step5: Use a wide-toothed comb or hot tool to style and style to your liking.


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