Most Natural Looking Colored Lace Front Wigs

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on January 31 2023

If you want to bring some vitality to your hairstyle, look no further than colorful lace front wigs. Whether looking for a new color for everyday wear or a special occasion, lace front wigs have more than enough colors for you to choose from. Since they don't require dye and are easy to apply and remove, you can change the color of your hairstyle however you want.

What are colored lace front wigs?

Before you can figure out what a colored lace front wig is, you first need to know what a lace front wig is. The lace front wig has transparent lace on the front, which can easily blend with your skin, simulating a naturally growing hairline for a realistic and natural look. 100% real human hair is knotted on the lace mesh and then sewn into the high elastic mechanism wig cap to form a complete wig. The lace front wig is the most popular wig in the market, available in 13×4 lace front wig and 13×6 lace front wig. Colorful lace front wigs provide a variety of colors, from pink, ginger, honey blonde to 99J burgundy, and more fashionable and unique colors are applied to the wig.

What colored lace front wigs look most the natural?

The most natural-looking colored lace front wigs are made from real human hair. Wigs on the market are mainly divided into human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. No matter what the raw materials used for synthetic wigs or how superb the production process is, it is not as good as real human hair wigs in terms of naturalness and breathability. So human hair colored lace front wigs will undoubtedly look more natural than synthetic colored lace front wigs.

The choice of lace will also affect the naturalness of the wig. Transparent lace and HD lace are lace materials that are often used to make wigs. Compared with transparent lace, HD lace is thinner and more breathable, and can blend with any skin tone without additional processing. Therefore, if you want your colorful lace front wig to look more natural, please choose the colored lace front wig made of high-definition lace.

For the most natural look, you should consider a colored lace front wig with a hairline that matches the color and texture of your real hair. No one's hair color is exactly the same, most people's hair has different shades and gradients. A colorful lace front wig with roots is much more natural than a single hair color colored lace front wig. If colored wigs with roots aren’t enough for you, highlighted wigs are also a great option. Adding light highlights of different colors on the wig will enrich the appearance of the whole wig, making the wig more sporty and looking more realistic.

Try colorful lace front wigs now!

Colorful lace front wigs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to change up your hairstyle. No matter what color lace front wig you're looking for, Alibonnie Hair has it for you. From ginger lace front wig, 613 blonde lace front wig, highlight lace front wig to burgundy lace front wig, etc., any color you like and want can be found here. What are you still hesitating about? Come here to try fresh colorful lace front wigs!


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