How to maintain colored lace front wig

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on April 14 2023

Taking care of your colored human hair wigs is the same as taking care of any human hair wig. If you don't take good care of your colored wig, it's easy to be damaged.


Here are some tips to help you take care of your colored wig.

1. Regular cleaning

One of the easiest ways to make your hair look healthy and beautiful is to wash it regularly. The best way to wash your hair is to wet it underwater first. You can do this in the shower or put it under the faucet of the bathtub. It's just to protect it from being entangled.

When cleaning the colored lace front wig, apply shampoo from the top to the tip of the wig. Once you do, you can rinse your hair with clean cold water. Don't rinse your hair with hot water because it will damage your hair. After washing the wig, gently squeeze out the excess water. Then make sure the wig is properly dry to avoid any odor.


2. Brush your wig regularly

If you want to prevent the wig from getting tangled, you need to put it on as often as possible. Nor is a person brushing his teeth regularly; You should also brush your hair with the right brush. The wide tooth comb is the perfect brush to help you untie your hair. In addition, wide tooth combs can reduce shedding and handle larger knots.

Compared with wigs full of tangles, non tangled wigs usually look more beautiful and healthier. So if you want your wigs to look more beautiful, make sure you brush them often.

3. use heat protectant spray carefully.

If you are considering using an iron to shape your hair, you should use a heat inhibitor on your hair. It is always recommended to use the minimum heat setting because too much heat can damage the hair.


4. Wear less wigs

Often wearing a wig will make it lose its vitality. That's why there are always as many wigs as possible so that you can use them alternately. If you want to keep the wig alive, you need to wear it as little as possible. Too much exposure to the sun, changing hair style and using rough hair care products will shorten the life of wigs.

5. Keep your colored wig properly

If you want to extend the life of the wig or maintain its appearance, you need to keep it properly. You can't just throw your wig anywhere and expect it to look healthier, more beautiful or more durable. That's why you need to keep it properly. When you need to store a wig, you need to hang it on the wig rack or on the head of a manikin when you don't use it.



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