How to mix colored human hair wigs?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on April 19 2023

Colored wigs are a good way to renew your appearance. Using wigs can not only increase the length and volume of your hair, but also you can play different color effects and get them immediately! When people decide whether to invest in hair extension, how to mix colored wigs with hair is one of the main problems. Here are our tips and tricks on how to get the perfect mix.

Whether it's a highlight wig, solid hair or any other color change, it's easier and safer to use a wig. Dyeing hair too often can lead to hair damage and breakage, which no one wants. Another reason is that it's easier and better to use wigs to make thick hair, because it's not permanent. If you're tired of Remy's colored hair, you can simply take it off.



Modeling skills of mixed black wig

1. Through modeling, you can ensure that your new ombre appearance is seamless. If you connect the weft correctly, you should already have a good appearance, but this is further.

2. A good way to mix natural hair with ombre clips is to straighten or curl. Straightening the hair with flat iron will make the hair look easier and the color gradient will be more obvious.

3. Spray some thermal protective agent and gently straighten all strands. The result is a very stylish and seamless ombre look.

4. All you can do is roll up your hair and add an ombre clip. Waves make everything look more harmonious and relaxed.

5. A good way is to curl the lower half of the hair and make the top more straight. This gives the illusion of a completely natural and real black hairstyle.



Benefits of ombre human hair fabric color

1. This is a good technology for low maintenance customers or people who try hair dyeing for the first time.

2. Ombre requires little maintenance, making it easier to maintain the trend.

3. Use this technique to keep you up-to-date by introducing new trends to customers.



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