How to make your human hair wig look new?

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Posted on May 04 2023

Wigs can enhance your style and beautify your facial features, so wear them confidently. Wash and condition carefully. Occasionally take your wig to see the stylist and let it shape in the way you like. Invest in products specially made for high-quality human wigs. Buy a set of accessories for your virgin wig, such as wig brush, wig conditioner, shampoo, wig spray and other requirements, which are necessary for your wigs' styling and maintenance. Choose different styles according to your skin color, including bold or light color. When not in use, place it on the wig holder or manikin to ensure that it maintains its shape.

Nothing is more spectacular than a new look. To make yourself look beautiful, you need some daily management to protect your investment and make you feel beautiful and confident. The following instructions will help your wig stay longer and ensure that your wig maintains its silky or wavy pattern and looks great.


1. Facts about human hair wigs

The best thing about affordable human hair wigs is that with little maintenance, you can easily shape and wear them on your head without any treatment of your natural hair.

You can design them with the same products you use in your own hair. If you like your style and versatility every day, buy a wig.

Alibonnie human hair wig uses 100% virgin hair without coloring, bleaching or perm, so it can be used for a long time and looks natural. In order to maintain its natural pattern, here are some professional hair knowledge on how to care for human wigs.


2. How to clean your lace front wig?

It's best to wash human wigs once in about 1-2 months, which also depends on the frequency of wearing wigs.

Wash your wig with cold or warm water.

Put a small drop of good quality mild shampoo on wet hair (avoid the scalp).

Comb the shampoo from top to bottom and gently comb it down one section at a time. Don't rub your hair or scalp like you do with your hair or scalp.

Gently apply some soapy water to the inside of the bottle cap. Don't wipe your hat.

Rinse the bottle cap from top to bottom with cooled to warm water again to remove excess shampoo.

Dry your hair gently with a towel.



3. Adjust your human hair wigs

When the hair is still wet, apply a small amount of fashionable human wig conditioner on the palm and evenly on the hair.

Avoid using conditioner at the bottom of the wig because it will loosen the knot on the wig cap and cause the hair to fall off.

Leave conditioner in your hair for 3-5 minutes. When your hair is wet and saturated with your wig conditioner, remove the wig very gently, starting from the tip of the hair and all the way up.

Your fingertips are the softest, but the wide tooth wig comb can also be used gently.

Rinse the conditioner on your hair thoroughly with cool tap water.

Rinse off some conditioner with room temperature or slightly hot water. Just rinse it from the inside of the hair cap and leave a small amount of conditioner in the hair.



4. Dry your natural human hair wigs

Don't dry your wig with a hair dryer. It will dry the hair and damage the hair and many parts of the skin. Gently squeeze the excess water on the wig (do not rub or twist), and use a dry towel to absorb the excess water in the hair (do not twist or twist). Let the wig dry naturally.

Place in a ventilated place to avoid sun damage to hair. Keep your virgin wig away from the heat.


5. Comb your full lace wigs

Be careful not to comb your hair immediately after washing your hair, but after your hair is dry. When combing the human hair wig, use a special wide brush to comb the hair (steel comb and metal comb can, not plastic comb) from the end of the hair to the top, so as to prevent the wig from falling off.

If you have a curly wig, the comb should not be used often. Put it on and tidy it by hand.

If you have a long human wig, please note that when you comb your hair, you should patiently comb a strand of hair from the tip to the tip several times.
If the wig is tangled after long-term use, don't pull the hair, spray some non oily conditioner special for wig, and comb it carefully with a wide tooth comb or hand. Don't rush and take your time.



6. Modeling skills of 100% human hair wigs

To redesign the wig style, you can use a hair dryer, curler or flat iron only in low heat settings, or an electric roller in medium settings. Do not often use flat iron or curler, which will cause your wig to lack luster, dry and easy to break.

It's great that you can achieve style diversity with these wigs. You can straighten them or add thick curls. Your daily styling needs can meet these affordable human wigs in just a few seconds. It is recommended to keep a curly wig and a straight wig to get rid of the trouble of dialing modeling.

Do not use hair gel, such as gel water or hair oil, on your wig. It will make hair easily oiled and messy.

The use of non oily conditioner is very simple: spray it several times before wearing a wig, it will make your hair silky and beautiful, prevent static electricity, keep your hair moist and silky like new hair.
You can control the style of the wig at any time and wear it. You only need to know one "rule", that is, don't tie your hair too high in case your own hair is cut off.



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