How to make wigs look natural and healthy?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on April 23 2023

For various purposes and needs, more and more people start to wear wigs. For wig wearers, the pursuit of nature and health is the most basic thing. How to make wigs look natural and healthy? If you want to know the answer to this question, follow us and continue reading.

Avoid sunlight and chemicals.

Exposure to the sun will make your hair gradually lose color. When you go out, you can wear a scarf or hat to cover it to protect your wig from the strong sun.
Do not put the wig in direct contact with salt water, chlorinated water, hot water and other irritant liquids. For example, you must take off your wig when swimming, because the chemicals in the swimming pool will damage the hair, may change the color of the wig, and even change the texture of the wig.



Don't wear a wig to sleep.

Maybe after a busy day, or if you feel very troublesome, you just want to relax in bed and have a good sleep, so you put on your wig and go to bed. But trust me, please don't sleep with a wig. After falling asleep, you will unconsciously turn over your body, and your hair will rub on the pillow many times, which will lead to wig entanglement and even break your hair. If you really don't want to take off your wig, it is recommended that you at least put a silk scarf on the pillow to reduce the friction between the pillow and your hair.


Try to avoid using hair gel.

Whether in pharmacies or barbershops, repeated use of these products will damage the texture of hair. No matter how you clean it in the future, there will be some residues on the hair follicle, making your hair look a little greasy. If you really can't avoid using hair gel, please choose high-quality products.



Try to avoid using bleach.

Bleach can effectively bleach the knot of wig, hide the black spots between lace and hair, and make the hairline look more natural. But you must know that bleach will stretch the hair of the wig, make the hair thinner and more fragile, and it is likely to break the hair. Therefore, if you want to extend the service life of cheap wigs, it is recommended that you use less bleach.


Keep your scalp clean.

Don't think your hair is ignored just because you wear a wig. You know, keeping hair clean and scalp healthy is also important for wigs to live longer. Only when the scalp is healthy can scalp residues and oil penetrate into the wig. At the same time, keep your scalp clean and fresh. Wearing a wig will be more comfortable, won't it?



Store wigs.

How to place the wig after it is used up is also a problem that needs to be seriously considered. If stored improperly, the wig will become dry, fragile, easy to break, and even change shape. Everyone's virgin wig is best stored in silk or satin fabric. If you don't have it, you can use plastic bags. Remember not to put it in a cloth bag or cotton bag that can absorb water, because it will absorb the water on the wig and cause the wig to dry. Artificial wigs can be put into the net to reduce hair friction, and then put into plastic bags to keep them dust-free.


In addition, try to distribute the wig in a cool place, or if possible, put a humidifier next to the wig to prevent the wig from drying. After all, wigs are not cheap.

I hope the above knowledge can help you do a good job in the maintenance of your wig, so that the wig looks as natural and healthy as possible and has a longer service life.