How to choose the right color wig for you

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on July 06 2023

Do you want to change your hair color according to your dress and mood every day without hurting your hair? In this case, the colored wig is the best choice to change the hair color without damaging the hair. In this blog, we will introduce how to choose the right wig color and how to maintain colored wigs, let us start now!



1. Choose a color that matches your skin tone

If you are a new wig, it is recommended to choose a wig with a color closer to your natural hair. It is also important to find a color that matches your skin color, because hair color close to or lighter than your skin color will make your skin bright and make you younger and more energetic. In addition, the right color can complement your facial features and make you look great.

2. Select the correct length

When choosing a colored wig, please choose the correct length. Colored lace front wigs come in various lengths: short, medium and long. Choose a wig length that suits your lifestyle. Short or medium length wigs are ideal for active people. If you are an entertainer, you may choose those long, wide colored wigs, which are very suitable for the red carpet. Visit this article on how to choose the right colored wigs for you to more information.



How to maintain human hair colorful wigs?

Taking care of your colored human wig is the same as taking care of any human wig. If you don't take good care of your colored wig, it's easy to be damaged.
Here are some tips to help you take care of your colored wig.

1. Regular cleaning

One of the easiest ways to make your hair look healthy and beautiful is to wash it regularly. The best way to wash your hair is to wet it underwater first. You can do this in the shower or put it under the faucet of the bathtub. It's just to protect it from being entangled.

When cleaning the wig, apply shampoo from the top to the tip of the wig. Once you do, you can rinse your hair with clean cold water. Don't rinse your hair with hot water because it will damage your hair. After washing the wig, gently squeeze out the excess water. Then make sure the wig is properly dry to avoid any odor.

2. Brush your wig regularly

If you want to prevent the wig from getting tangled, you need to put it on as often as possible. Nor is a person brushing his teeth regularly; You should also brush your hair with the right brush. The wide tooth comb is the perfect brush to help you untie your hair. In addition, wide tooth combs can reduce shedding and handle larger knots.

Compared with wigs full of tangles, non tangled wigs usually look more beautiful and healthier. So if you want your wigs to look more beautiful, make sure you brush them often. Visit another article on how to maintain colored wigs, which goes into more detail here.



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