How to choose a lace front wig?

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Posted on April 26 2023

To understand wigs and tops, it is impossible not to touch the word "lace front". Regardless of your style, hair color or skin color, lace headwear can meet your needs, from synthetic lace front wig to human hair lace front wig, curly lace front wig, short hair and short lace front wig, etc. Let the wig company help you answer some of the first questions about this popular wig structure.


What is a lace front wig?

"Lace front" refers to the wig structure, which uses transparent lace accessories at the front of the wig to manually tie hair or synthetic hair to it. Lace front wigs and hats are very popular because they successfully imitate naturally growing hair, so it is difficult to identify them as wigs when wearing them.

What are the benefits of lace for wig construction?

The delicate and slender lace makes it fall on the forehead, and there is almost no space between the wig and the skin. It is breathable, and the lace pattern encourages air flow. This is pure, creating a little transition that supports off face modeling. Moreover, it is multifunctional, enabling the wearer to design and change parts while maintaining the natural hairline.


With all the advantages of lace frontal wig construction, why isn't the wig completely constructed in this way? Well, some are. Called full lace wigs, they have a full lace hat with lace around the whole head, and they are 100% hand tied. However, because lace is so transparent and fragile, the possibility of tearing or tearing is higher.

The front lace wig combines the advantages of the lace in the most prominent part of the wig, and uses non damaged materials in the rest of the wig. The front lace wig provides an ideal balance between natural appearance and durability.

Colored lace front wigs

Bob lace front wigs

Alibonnie is a trusted wig brand that offers high quality lace front wigs in a variety of lengths, densities and colours. From colored lace front wigs, curly lace front wigs, and wavy lace front wigs to short lace front wigs, you can make any combination according to your needs. Come and buy cheap lace front wigs here, you are sure to find what you like from here.


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