How Long Is A 30 Inch Wig?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on March 20 2023

How long is a 30 inch wig? One factor that customers have to consider when trying to buy wigs online is the length of the wig. This determines the style of the wig and the final price that needs to be paid. Wigs of 8-30 inches are very common in the market, and these are some basic lengths that all websites will have. If you need some longer wigs then it may be custom made.

How long is a 30 inch wig?

We all know that 1 inch is roughly equal to 2.54 centimeters, so the length of a 30 inch wig is about 76 centimeters. A 30 inch wig is usually waist-length or longer, depending on the wearer's height and proportions. A 30 inch lace front wig is a relatively long wig, and it probably falls to at least the waist or hips. However, the length of the wig will vary slightly depending on the texture and density of the hair. For example, a straight, smooth hair will look longer than a curly or wavy wig of the same length.

What density should a 30 inch wig be?

When considering the length of the wig, don't forget to choose the right density. A wig of the correct density will allow you to achieve a perfectly natural hairstyle. Click here to view why the right wig density is important. So how much density is needed for a 30 inch wig to make the whole look look perfect? 200% hair density will look good on long wigs since 30 inch wigs are extra long wigs. If you choose 150% or 180% density, then the hair may look a little thinner, not full, and you can't do more styling.

Check out the chart below for hair density for different wig lengths.

Wig Length Hair Density
12-14 inches  120% & 130% & 150%
16 to 20 inches  150% & 180%
22 to 24 inches  180%
26 to 30 inches 200%
32 to 36 inches  200% & 250%

If you need a longer length and more density wig, you can contact Alibonnie and we will customize a wig for you according to your needs.

How to measure the length of a wig?

Knowing how to measure the length of your wig correctly will help you choose the right length. Next, I will give you a brief introduction on how to measure the length of the wig correctly.

Put the wig on the wig head or lay it flat on the table. If it is straight hair, then measure the length of the hair directly from the top of the head to the tip of the hair. But for curly or wavy wigs, the hair needs to be straightened gently. Measure the longest strand of hair on the unit with a soft measuring tape. Make a note of this value and compare it to the website's wig lengths to make sure you're buying the correct size.


Most popular 30 inch wigs for you to choose

30 inch body wave wig

The 30 inch body wave wig will show a big "s", just like the shape of our body. This is one of the most classic and trendy wig styles for women of all ages. If you don't know which texture to choose when shopping for a wig, body wave wigs are your best bet.

30 inch water wave wig

Water wave 360 lace wigs are popular with most customers in Alibonnie wig store. The water wave texture gives you dense curls and a stylish look, with a 360 lace wig that can be designed in a variety of styles, there is nothing better than this.

30 inch curly wig

Curly hair is fashionable and unique in any country, and women love wigs of this texture to show their individuality. Especially for African-American women, curly wigs are their favorite type of wig. Since hair of this texture is so close to their own natural hair, it is difficult to see when mixed with a wig, creating a very natural look.

In addition to 30 inch wigs, Alibonnie also provides more other lengths of wigs, welcome to choose your favorite wigs!