What Does The Density Mean In A Wig?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on February 21 2023

Wig density is one of the most important things to pay attention to when buying a wig. If you don't choose the right hair density, it will have an impact on the entire appearance. So what does the density mean in a wig? Why pay attention to the density of the wig? In this blog, we will tell you some information about wig density.

What does the wig density mean?

The wig density is displayed as a percentage, telling you how much hair is actually on your wig. The higher the density percentage, the fuller the wig will look; the lower the density percentage, the thinner the wig will look. Therefore, wig density represents the thickness of the hair, not the volume of the hair. Just like straight and curly wigs of the same density, even though they are the same density, the volume still looks different.

Wig Density Classification

Regarding wig density, there are various options here, ranging from 60% to 250% density. The most common density in the wig market is 150% to 250% density, which can also be called medium density and high density.

150% Density Wig: 150% density is for those who like a little fullness in their wigs. Since this density is so popular, it is easy to find. Most wig websites will sell 150% density wigs.

180% Density Wig: This is an excellent density option for women who want their hair to look natural with some added volume. The effect looks good on both short and long hair.

200% Density Wig: A 200% density wig is considered full. If you want to create a high bun with long hair, then this density wig is suitable.

250% Density Wig: 250% density wigs are the fullest and thickest hair wigs. It works best for celebrity looks or women who want extreme volume. For women who like to experiment with dense wigs, the hair is best styled in multiple layers to create the best look.



Why should you care about wig density?

Wig density will directly affect the appearance of the wig. A thick head of hair is a must if you want to enhance your appearance. High-density wigs can provide you with a lot of hair volume, allowing you to try a variety of looks. If your hair isn't full enough, a lot of styling may not be done.

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