Are you wearing a headband wig?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on July 04 2023

Why One Should Wear Headband Wigs?

Traditionally, wigs need to be designed frequently, which may cause problems such as hair suffocation and scalp injury, just like wearing them only under the condition of partial hair loss. If you already have hair, it may be complicated to use a new one. The wig has no choice in volume adjustment. Because the front adjustment wig needs glue, tape, pins, etc., which may cause headaches. On the other hand, headband wigs provide a significant length and volume when part of the hair is sparse, alopecia and baldness are problems. Additional volume can be added to the customized wig to give an elegant appearance. The hair is long and big, so you can choose any hairstyle. Compared with traditional wigs, headband wigs have some advantages: they do not need clips, pins or glue when fixing wigs, and are very soft and stretchable, so they are very comfortable to wear. After wearing a headband wig, people may not feel heat and meat, because these are sweat-proof and breathable. Waterproofness is an additional benefit because it makes them very easy and carefree to clean and maintain.



How to wear a headband wig?

Headbands can be worn on special occasions and in daily life. Adjustable in size and resistant to the use of hairpins, tapes make them very user-friendly. Adjust the hook/Velcro on the inside of the wig to match the size of the wearer's head, or simply pull the strap on your head and you're done. The wearer should distribute the fake hair a few inches away from the hairline to match the natural hair with the wig brush, or put the natural hairline on the hairline of the wig.



What are the characteristics of a headband?

The weight of the headband is very light, so people may not feel heavy and sweat. Because of the use of highly breathable mesh in the manufacture of wigs, it is easy for hair to generate natural airflow by using these wigs. The wig's grip is the most suitable because it contains adjustable straps to fix the hair behind the ears. Unless the user takes off the wig himself, the wig will not fall off. Because of the use of open lace, headband wigs are more comfortable than traditional hairpieces. Durability, economy and natural appearance are some key features of headband wigs.