Water Wave Lace Front Wig

The water wave w ig is a flattering wig with a unique, natural curly texture that helps create volume and volume. This would be a great choice for women who want thicker hair.

Alibonnie offers a series of high-quality water wave wigs, such as water wave lace front wigs, water wave HD lace wigs, water wave headband wigs, full lace water wave wigs, etc. From length, density to color, any combination you like can be found here.


Water wave lace front wigs for women

water wave lace front wigs are the most popular of all lace wig types. The front part of the wig has a transparent lace mesh, which helps to create a natural hairline, so that the hair looks like it grows from the natural scalp, and it is difficult for others to notice that you are wearing a wig. Generally speaking, there are two sizes of water wave lace front wigs to choose from, namely 13X4 and 13X6. The horizontal distance between the two is exactly the same, both are 13 inches, but the vertical distance is different. The 13X6 is two inches longer than the 13x4, so the 13X6 water wave lace front wig has a deeper separation space. But in contrast, its price is also more expensive. So before you buy, it's best to clarify your thoughts.


How about the price of water wave lace front wigs?

Generally speaking, the price of a water wave lace front wig is between $100-$200, and the choice of length, density, and color will also affect the price of the entire wig. There are many websites selling wigs in the market, and the prices of each store are also different. But if you buy directly from the wig supplier, the price will be relatively cheaper.


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