Short Choppy bob


If you're looking for a fresh, modern hairstyle that adds movement, definition, and volume to your locks, you might want to consider a short choppy bob. This is a short hairstyle for women that is cut from the ears to the neck to create layers and texture.

Why choose a choppy bob?

You can never go wrong with a bob hairstyle. The many variations that hairdressers are constantly coming up with make it so easy to fit specific face shapes and hair textures. In particular, trendy short choppy bob looks great on both shaggy and thinning hair. You can achieve a very expressive look and your hair will feel more dynamic and relaxed!

How to cut a trendy bob haircut on your hair?

If you're tired of straight cuts, opt for a choppy bob hairstyle. Use scissors and a razor to create slightly messy, wavy ends. Try to pull more layers and volume into the roots. The more layers you have, the more expressive and layered the look will be. At the same time, you can keep the length you want. To accentuate the natural texture and beauty of thick hair, use a styling cream or sea salt spray.

Inspiring short choppy bob hairstyles

Messy Chin Length Bob and Side Swept Bangs

If you’re a fan of short hair, the chin-length bob is definitely worth a try. Also, if you add long side-swept bangs that blend in with the rest of your layered hair, this will look great! You'll also minimize maintenance and styling methods. Plus, you can try out new hair coloring techniques to give your wavy hairstyles a fresher, younger look!

Modern choppy middle part bob

When it comes to the modern, wavy center parted bob, layered shapes are a must. Layering will bring a lot of texture and movement to the hair. It works best on fine or medium-textured hair types, as well as straight or slightly wavy hair. It can provide enough structure and layer while looking effortless.

Thick choppy bob with curtain bangs and angled layers

Try a thick bob with angled layers and curtain bangs. A medium wavy bob is perfect for thick hair. Use scissors and a razor to create petals and shapes in the hair for a feminine, feminine style. You can change up the style with a middle part or by turning your curtain bangs into a side sweep. Play with your natural texture, or add soft waves curled from the face for extra movement.