Long Curly Wigs

Want to create a whole new look for yourself? Long curly wigs can quickly change your look in a short amount of time. It has a stylish and unique appearance and rich volume. Long curly wigs are perfect for women who want a healthy and thick head, it is very convenient to add length and volume to the hair without harming the natural hair.

How to maintain long curly wig?

Long curly wigs have fine curls, so they are more likely to become dry and tangle. Be extra careful in maintenance and maintenance. If you wear it frequently, it is best to clean it every two to three weeks, and the frequency of cleaning should not be too frequent. Nourish with professional shampoo and conditioner. After drying the hair, you can also use some hair care essential oils to keep the wig soft and smooth. It's best to remove your wig before going to bed, and if not, also place a smooth silk scarf over it to minimize friction.


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