Lace Front Wigs Install


Lace front wigs are one of the top choices of many women, and they are loved by women of all ages for their diverse styling designs and realistic looks. The transparent lace at the front mimics your natural hairline so you won't know you're wearing a wig. One of the most important questions about a lace front wig is how to wear it and style it. If the lace front wig you install is perfect enough, you'll look flawless no matter the occasion!


How to install a lace front wig?

Before installing a lace front wig, you need to smooth out your natural hair. You can braid your hair into cornrows to keep them from unraveling, and secure them securely around your head with some bobby pins. The flatter the hair is against the head, the easier it is to install the lace front wig.

Use some cleanser to wash the skin, then towel dry. Then take some alcohol with a cotton swab or cotton ball and rub it along the hairline, which will help remove excess oil and keep your skin clean and dry.

Put on a wig cap, this will help you flatten your hair and keep the wig in place. Tuck all your hair into the wig cap and adjust the cap so that it almost covers your hairline. 

Carefully slide the wig onto your head, adjusting the edge of the lace front wig to match your natural hairline. The wig is firmly fixed on your head through the adjustable strap.

Use scissors to carefully trim the lace around the ears and hairline, making sure not to cut too much at once.

Apply the adhesive along your hairline and wait for the glue to become tacky.

Pull your lace forward and press it into the glue, using rubbing alcohol to remove excess glue from the skin. Be careful not to allow the alcohol to come in contact with the lace as this will weaken the glue's bond.

To style your lace front wig, you can give the whole look a more realistic and natural look by cutting some baby hair.


Where to buy high quality lace front wigs?

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