Human Hair Lace Front Wigs With Baby Hair


In today's wig market, lace front wigs are still the most popular. Known for its versatile styling and natural-looking hairline, it is loved by women. It uses a standard wig cap structure plus a portion of lace on the front that can be moved in any direction. The lace is thin and transparent, which is very easy to "melt" into the skin. In the process of styling your hairstyle and installing a lace front wig, there is one important element that cannot be ignored, and that is baby hair. It is a great tool to help achieve a natural look.



What is baby hair?

Baby hair is the thinner, shorter hair at the edge of the hairline and is often styled with some curl so that it blends in better with the overall wig look. After wearing a lace front wig, many people choose to shave a few strands of hair around the lace front hairline for a "baby hair" look. We all know that everyone has tiny fluff around the hairline, and no one is bald around the hairline. If there is, then it must have been manually shaved off. Therefore, it is very important to add some baby hair to your lace front wig to give the wig a more natural and realistic look.


Is baby hair important for lace front wigs?

Some people think that there is no need to hide baby hair on lace wigs, so is that really the case? In fact, baby hair can have many benefits. Baby hair thins the hairline, and if you have a denser wig, creating baby hair can create a more natural look. Lace front wigs with baby hair can also reduce people's attraction and attention to the hairline and lace, avoiding the risk of lace exposure. In addition, baby hair flatters the shape of your face, providing a smooth transition between the wig and your face. Judging from the above, baby hair is still very important for lace wigs. But it's up to you whether you choose to add baby hair or not!



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