How To Use The Glue For Women Wigs

Two Types Glue

The first is liquid glue, which is often used on the forehead to hide the hairline. For girls, it will also be used on the temples. Applying the liquid glue directly will make it very thin, improving the invisible and real effect. It is recommended to buy that kind of tape. Liquid glue with brush. The second type is film, which is divided into single-layer glue and double-layer glue. The front and back sides of the former have the same viscosity, so there is no need to distinguish when using it. It is simple and convenient. The material itself is very thin. The biggest drawback is that the glue needs to be changed in time, otherwise it will be difficult to clean. This type is suitable for use on lace mesh bottoms. If it is made of PU leather, It must be combined with primer, please remember this.

As for double-layer glue, there is a difference between the front and back. This kind of film is divided into red glue and blue glue, which have the following different characteristics: a. Durability: blue glue is more durable in hot conditions, usually 4-6 days Replacement, red glue needs to be replaced in 2-3 days; b. Operability: red glue is more convenient when replacing, there will be no residual glue on the PU, while blue glue needs to be wiped with glue remover a few times.

Using Tips For Glue

  1. When pasting the film, do not get too close to the edge, otherwise it will easily stick to the hair. When changing the glue, if there is hair stuck, clean it with glue first and wipe it off in the next step;
  2. When pasting the film, spray a small amount of water on your hands and the film to prevent the film from sticking to your hands during operation. Don't worry that spraying water will affect the viscosity. The viscosity of this film will become stronger and stronger as the temperature increases.

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