Highlights On Dark Hair

From adding a pop of color to enhancing hair's depth, shine, dimension and texture, highlights enhance your hair like no other accessory. And highlights for dark-haired women are a great try! Dying dark hair means bleaching it, which can lead to damaged hair. Adding highlights allows you to tweak your hair color at will without destroying the integrity of your hair. There are countless natural looking and trendy color highlight options for brunettes, are you ready to try highlights on dark hair ideas?

How to highlight your dark hair?

First, you need to decide which effect you want to achieve. Some women opt for subtle ombres or highlights to add brilliance to a basic hair color for a very natural look. Others prefer more pronounced color transitions or separate sections of color to make any hairstyle edgier and stand out.

Dark hair can benefit from color accents in contrasting shades such as platinum blonde, burgundy 99J, copper ginger, purple or lighter shades such as caramel, walnut, bronze, toffee and more. It is also very important to choose shades that harmonize with your skin tone. Bronzes, copper and rich burgundy reds will brighten darker skin tones. Medium skin tones will benefit from shades of dark brown, copper and toffee. Fair-skinned women can feel free to experiment with a variety of shades.

How to get dark hair with highlights easily?

We all know that coloring your hair can cause irreparable damage to your natural hair over time. Trying a dark wig with highlights is a great option. Wigs won't do too much damage to your hair, instead, you can also try different color highlights on dark wigs. You can shop dark wigs with highlights in different styles, lengths and densities at Alibonnie, all of them are quality and affordable!