Glueless Wigs Install

Are glueless wigs easy to install?

We all know that glueless wigs are very popular in today's wig market and are loved by many women because of their easy installation and natural features. For wig wearers, the installation of the wig is very important. There are various types of wigs on the market, and the installation steps are different because of the different styles. Among them, the installation of glueless wigs can be said to be the easiest, without any installation skills, you will not waste too much time on it, and it can be easily put on or taken off in just a few minutes. For those trying to wear a wig for the first time or wanting to save time on wig installation, there is nothing better than a glueless wig.


How to install a glueless wig?

The installation of glueless lace wigs is very simple, with the following steps:

  1. Prep your natural hair. Braid your hair into neat cornrows or braids, making sure it fits snugly under the wig cap.
  2. Fix the braided hair on the wig cap and use alcohol to clean around the head to ensure it is clean enough.
  3. Put the wig on your head, adjust it to the right position, and fix it on your head with pre-installed clips and combs.
  4. Cut off the excess lace along the hairline, do not cut too much at one time, use a knife to slowly remove the excess.
  5. Use some makeup to make the lace part blend naturally with the edge of the hairline and create some baby hair to make the look more realistic and natural.


Where to buy best glueless wigs?

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