Glueless Wig With Elastic Band


Glueless wigs are popular for some reasons, including installing the wig without glue or adhesives of any kind. This makes putting on and taking off the wig very quick and easy. Glueless wigs can be secured in a variety of ways, including headbands, combs, clips, and elastic bands. Since wigs with  elastic bands do a great job of melting lace, laying down edges, and holding baby hair in place, more and more women are opting for glueless wigs with elastic bands.


Benefits of wearing glueless wigs with elastic band

Natural Look: The adjustable elastic band melts the lace edges nicely for a flawless scalp look, ideal for those who want a natural look.

Easy to Wear: The glueless wig with elastic band is easy to put on and take off, perfect for busy women and those who like to change their styles frequently.

Comfortable: The elastic band glueless lace wig does not need to use any adhesives, which avoids the irritation of some chemicals to human skin.


How to put on a glueless lace wig with elastic band?

The elastic band is sewn into the underside of the glueless wig, which ensures a secure, snug fit and makes putting on and taking off the wig a breeze. Check out how to install a glueless wig with elastic band below:

1. Braid the hair into a corn braid to make it flat, and secure the hair with a wig cap to make sure no hair is missing.

2. Use rubbing alcohol or a mild cleanser to remove excess oil from the hairline and make it easier to wear the wig.

3. Align the wig with your natural hairline and tighten your elastic band to ensure your wig fits snugly around your head.

4. When you are satisfied with the fit of the wig, you are ready to cut any excess lace from the wig. Pull the hair away from the hairline with clips, and start trimming the lace.

5. If you want to make the look more natural, do some baby hair. Then according to your needs, design the glueless wig.