Full Lace Wigs Human Hair

What does full lace wigs mean in wigs?

Full lace wigs are made from an entire lace cap that is sized to cover the entire head. 100% real human hair or weaves hand-sewn on lace mesh for high breathability and comfort. Full lace wigs are more expensive compared to lace front wigs due to their larger lace area and longer time to make.


Why choose full lace wigs?

Breathable and comfortable

The whole wig cap is covered with lace, allowing more air to enter, soft and comfortable.

Natural look

The tresses are hand-sewn to the lace mesh cap for a natural look that makes it impossible to tell if you're wearing a wig.


The full lace wig fits the entire head for great durability. You can wear a full lace wig and walk around without worrying about the wig falling off.

Easy to design any style you want

Full lace wigs have more styling possibilities than other types of wigs. Since the entire head is covered with lace, you can make any style you want on the wig without looking unnatural, such as buns, high ponytails, etc.


Where to buy best full lace wigs? 

 Due to the different raw materials used, the experience of wearing various full lace wigs is also significantly different. The full lace wig human hair is the best choice. The whole wig is made of 100% virgin hair. The real human hair without any chemical treatment is healthier and stronger, and it is not easy to tangle and fall off.

 If you're ready to invest in full lace wigs, at Alibonnie, you have a variety of different options. From a variety of colors, lengths to textures, you can use them to easily change your look, it sounds great!