Deep Wave Lace Front Wig

Deep wave lace wigs have dramatic texture that can be blended with your natural hair or added to make it look thicker. The deep wave lace front wig is perfect for those women who are looking for a natural look and unique texture.


Who can wear deep wave lace front wigs?

Deep wave texture is a dramatic look that can be worn by all. They are a great choice for you to create a stylish look whenever you want. For some hair loss patients or women who want to create more fashionable hairstyles, deep wave lace front wigs can easily meet these needs.

About the length and colors of deep wave lace front wigs

You'll be able to find deep wave lace frontal wigs in a variety of lengths. Deep wave lace front wigs usually come in lengths of 14 – 32 inches, but if you have a need for a longer length, this can also be done here. The general color of deep wave lace wigs is natural black, but there are also more colorful wigs, including 613 blonde, burgundy 99J and highlight colors.


How to care for the deep wave lace front wig?

The key to caring for human hair lace front wigs of any texture is to treat them like your own growing hair. Even if you have human hair lace wigs,minimize your use of heat styling tools.

Never heat dry your wavy wig with a handheld or hooded blow dryer! This shrinks the lace and damages the hair.

In general, do not use a straightener as the waveform is set and may not return to an even state. If you feel the need to straighten a wavy wig, use a lower setting and do it infrequently. Because frequent straightening will damage your deep wave lace front wig in the long run.