Curly Bob Wig

Why choose a curly bob wig?

The look is unique enough to be ideal for women looking for stylish hairstyles, you can wear it to any occasion, and you can be the center of attention in the crowd, no matter the time of day.

Made from 100% real human hair, it looks natural enough that no one will think you're wearing a wig.

Compared to other types of wigs, such as HD lace wigs, lace front wigs, etc., the price of curly bob wigs is cheaper.

Helping with all hair problems, the curly texture greatly adds volume and volume to the hair.


How to care for a curly bob wig?

It is best to wash the wig every 4 to 8 weeks, and do not wash it too frequently to prevent damage to the wig.

Before washing curly bob wigs, use a wide-toothed comb or lightly brush with your fingers to prevent tangles that could cause them to fall out.

When washing the curly wig in water, do not rub vigorously with your hands, just comb it gently with your fingers.

After washing, use a dry towel to absorb excess water and avoid wringing out by hand to prevent damage to the shape of the wig.

Store the wig in a ventilated location away from direct sunlight and exposure.

A curly bob wig can be placed on a wig stand and your fingers help restore the original shape.


Where to buy high quality curly bob wig? 

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