Burgundy Lace Front Wigs


If you're tired of the classic black look, then vibrant colored wigs are worth a try. 99j burgundy wigs are loved by most women because of their special colors and various hairstyles. It is like the color of a glass of red wine, with a more mature and charming atmosphere. It's time to show the charming charm of women, starting from burgundy lace front wigs, fashionable human hair colorful wigs that you must not miss.

Why should you try burgundy lace front wigs?

Burgundy is a special color that goes really well with any skin tone. Especially for women with dark skin, the burgundy wig is a classic. You can visit our other pages about burgundy wigs on dark skin to get more information. The lace front wig is the wig construction that most women will choose, and it allows you to style it into any hairstyle you like. Whether it is naturalness, air permeability or design sense, it is very good. So women love the combination of this particular color plus a human hair lace front wig, which is great!


How to care for your bugunry lace front wigs?

To prolong the life of your burgundy wig, you need to take good care of your burgundy lace front wigs. Note these things:

Avoid over washing your burgundy lace front wigs.

Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for colored wigs.

Keep away from chlorine, saltwater and avoid prolonged direct exposure to strong sunlight.

Use some heat protection spray on your burgundy lace front wig before styling with hot tools.

Treat the wig gently enough to prolong its life in everyday life.


Burgundy lace front wigs customer reviews from Alibonnie Hair

Alibonnie offers good quality burgundy lace front wigs in straight, body wave, deep wave, loose deep wave, curly, you have a chance to choose any style you want. Check out some real reviews from customers about burgundy lace front wigs that will help you make a better decision. In addition to the burgundy lace front wig, there are also other colored lace front wigs here, welcome to buy!

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"Gorgeous color, great parting space, lays flat, blends well, hair is very soft and manageable. This hair is BOMB!!!!"

"The wig is beautiful, soft and the length is okay.I love this wig and this is actually my first time trying out this color and I really love it."

"I love this hair. Instead of having a mess just doing your color it self. It was soft and beautiful and the red was very bold and looked good. It didn’t shed I just use water on it not much products unless it was natural"

"Quality of the wig seems really good, there no smell, and is nice and full. After washing the curls pop even more!I like it more after installation.Recommend again!!"

"This hair is absolutely amazing for the price! Great hair! The color is pretty. It is so soft, I am so impressed! It was so beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous hair. "

"The hair quality is very good! The lace is very thin, very breathable, fits my skin very well, and the hair is very soft. No tangles or shedding. The logistics is super fast,"