Bob Style Wigs

Modern bob wigs come in every bob style you can think of, from classic, timeless bobs to longer, shaggy bobs. They are one of the most popular style requests we receive. No matter your face shape, young or old, you can be guaranteed to have a bob style that suits you.

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Classic and timeless, bob wigs are easy to maintain and come in a variety of styles to suit every taste and face shape.

A classic style can be more flattering, while a modern blunt bob is perfect for those looking for an edgy style that accentuates the jawline.

Bob style wigs can help you go from day to night with super chic, effortless style.

Alibonnie offers a wide range of beautiful bob wigs in different lengths and finishes. Popular bob styles include big waves, choppy fringes, and tousled waves. No matter what you're looking for, here's to help you find the best bob style wig that frames your face perfectly.

Popular bob style wig you may like

Popular straight bob wig

The current summer trend that's rocketing up the fashion charts is all about sharp edges and crazy shine. The straight bob wig is a top seller on our site and you can hardly go wrong.

Fashionable bob wigs with bangs

Easily create a sophisticated bob look with bangs with the Alibonnie Wig, a sleek and incredibly sassy wig. Pretty bangs make the perfect combination with a classic bob.

Wavy bob wig

This is a beautiful bob wig with loose curls that frame your face. Short and sassy, this layered bob with a slightly shorter back offers the perfect subtle twist to the classic bob length.