Blonde Wigs With Dark Roots


Can you keep up with the current style? Or, perhaps more importantly, the current outdated style? If so, you know how fickle fashion can be. For example, let's talk about blonde hair and dark roots. Dark roots blonde hair is a unique hair color where the darker roots make the blonde shades appear brighter and the overall look more natural.

What are blonde wigs with dark roots?

Blonde wigs with dark roots are an effortless, grown-up hairstyle that looks like a natural feeling rather than something you did on purpose.

Blonde hair with dark roots goes through a hair coloring technique that allows naturally dark roots to blend seamlessly with blonde hair.

This popular idea is a great alternative to ombre or balayage highlights because not only is it low maintenance, dark roots add super cool contrast and natural depth and dimension to your hair, making it easy to style modeling!

Do blonde wigs look better with dark roots?

If you have blonde hair, you'll often see dark regrowth as your roots start to show through time. And the blonde hair trend with dark roots tackles the dreaded growth phase, making the whole look look natural and unique. Shaded roots add extra dimension and help create the look of volume from roots to tips.

Pros and cons of blonde hair with dark roots


  • An effortless, understated look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Gives hair more volume
  • Best styles for growing out other blonde hair colors like highlights and streaks


  • Requires regular rooting
  • Mixing dark and blonde colors can be tricky at first
  • This style is not for everyone

How to care for blonde wigs with dark roots?

While dark root blonde is a low-maintenance look, the health of your hair still requires care. Especially the blonde ends will be drier and more brittle.

The secret to caring for blonde hair with dark roots is making sure you use products designed for wigs. They contain ingredients that are non-irritating to your wig, which will help your wig retain its color for longer.

Use a good quality deep conditioner once a week to restore moisture and elasticity to your wig.

Use a protective hairspray to protect your blonde wigs with dark roots every time you go out. You should also get in the habit of wearing a baseball cap or visor.

Excessive heat can damage hair. Avoid heat styling as much as possible, as it can drastically shorten the life of dark roots blonde hair. Especially if you haven't properly prepped with a heat styling spray.