Best Colored Wigs


Want to get rid of the common wig color black? The easiest way is to wear a colored wig, which is the most effective and safest option, and you don't have to worry about any damage to your natural hair from chemicals. There are many colorful wigs on the market to meet your various unique needs. Alibonnie offers the best colored wigs, from 613 blonde wigs, ginger wigs, 99J burgundy wigs to highlight wigs, whatever your choice, you'll find the wig here to suit your style and personality.


Why wear colorful wigs?

Available in many colors to help create a versatile and personalized look.

Protects natural hair from irreparable damage from chemicals.

low cost. Buying colored wigs is cheaper than coloring your hair at a hair salon.


How to choose the right color for you?

1. Match your skin tone

If this is your first time trying a colored wig, it is recommended that you start with a hair color that is close to your natural skin tone. Because hair color similar to your skin tone or lighter can visibly brighten your complexion and make you look younger and more vibrant. Also, if you want to visibly accentuate your facial features, a color that contrasts strongly with your skin tone will draw attention to your face and make you stand out.

2. Match eye color

It's also important to choose a wig color that matches your eye color. If you have some warm eye colors like golden brown, hazel, then cool toned wigs like dark brown, maroon, etc. will be a great choice. If your eye color tends to be cooler, like blue, gray, etc., then you should stick to natural colors like brown or blonde.

Best colored wigs online at Alibonnie Hair

Are you ready to buy a colorful wig for yourself? Any ideas? If you're still unsure, check out our selection of best quality colored wigs for you.

1. Alibonnie 613 Blonde Wig Remy Brazilian Straight 13x4 Lace Front Human Hair Wig 200% Density


2. Alibonnie Hair Ginger Color Transparent Lace Body Wave Human Hair 13x4 Lace Front Wigs

3. Alibonnie Chocolate Brown Front Lace Wig Dark Brown 13x4 Body Wave Lace Front Wigs

4. Alibonnie Honey Blonde Highlight Body Wave 13x4 Lace Front Wigs 100% Virgin Human Hair Wigs