Amazon Wigs


Whether you're pressed for time or just looking for something random, Amazon could be your first stop. There's almost nothing you won't find there, including reasonably priced wigs. Whether you are an experienced wig wearer or a beginner. In addition to incredibly fast shipping, you can find a variety of styles to suit any budget. If you're looking to save even more on wigs, Amazon wigs might be your best bet to try and pick.

How to choose the best wig on Amazon?

Deciding on Hair Type: Do you want real hair, faux hair, or a mix of both? Wigs made entirely of human hair are the most versatile and last the longest. (especially if you want to dye or heat treat your wig) But at the same time, they are also very expensive. Synthetic wigs are usually the cheapest because they are plastic based. So when you're picking out wigs on, it's important to know exactly what you need.

Learn about the different lace types: Depending on your preferences, there are three types of lace to find and choose from: HD lace, Swiss lace, and regular lace. HD is the thinnest and most natural lace; Swiss lace is a bit thicker than HD but also more durable; regular lace is the thickest, most dramatic, and least real - but it also lasts a long time. Generally, it comes down to preference, but most people lean towards Swiss lace.

Assess the size you need: If you want your wig to look more natural, the most important step is to measure the circumference of your head before buying. Many people don't look at the size when buying wigs, so a wig may be too big or too small. Therefore, when picking out a wig, make sure you know your head size in order to find the best one.

Consider Density: Density is one of the most important aspects when picking out a wig. While wig density is a matter of preference, 150% to 180% density on the front will give your wig a more natural look.

How to care for your wig?

With proper care and maintenance, most wigs will last a long time. Similar to how your natural hair requires daily maintenance, so do wigs. The type of wig you have can result in different care methods, so it's always important to read any instructions or tips from the brand in order to best manage your wig. Here are some general rules of thumb:

For human hair wigs, please wash with suitable shampoo and conditioner.

For synthetic wigs, you can use a mild wig-safe shampoo, followed by a leave-in conditioner when the hair is completely dry.

Stay away from hair products that contain alcohol and sulfates. These types of products can affect the quality of your hair.

After cleaning your wig, store it carefully. You can store it in a satin pouch to keep it frizz free, or use a wig stand that will help it maintain its shape and style.