360 Lace Wig Ponytail


Tired of perennial loose hairstyles and want to try something new this summer? 360 lace wigs may be your new choice. Thanks to its versatility, you can do any style what you want.


Can you put a 360 lace wig in a ponytail?

The 360 lace wig ponytail is the most common hairstyle and style. The full 360-degree lace wraps around your entire head for a supernatural hairline. 360 lace wig human hair is free part, you can also do middle part or side part. 360 wigs are more realistic to make a ponytail in summer. Wigs can also be curled, straightened, colored and restyled as desired.

How to do a ponytail with a 360 lace frontal wig?

Start by prepping your hair, including bleaching knots, shampooing and conditioning your 360 lace wig. You can dye the lace to match your skin tone for a more natural look.

Position the 360 Lace Wig on your head in alignment with your natural hairline, ensuring it is perfectly positioned along your natural hairline. Cut off the lace around it, leave the front half, cut the hairline of the forehead, and finally trim the lace in the front half.

Begin attaching your 360 Lace Wig by using the sew-in or glue method to secure the front to your own hair or to the wig cap (depending on whether the wig cap is worn). Then sew the rest.

After finishing the stitching process, your 360 lace wig is complete. You can style it into a ponytail hairstyle. Part hair in any direction as desired.

Where to buy cheap 360 lace wig ponytail online?

AliBonnie specializes in designing and producing 360 lace human hair wigs for women. Made from 100% human hair, it can be styled and treated in a variety of ways to achieve the desired look and texture. Alibonnie 360 lace wig ponytail is ideal for keeping cool feeling and looking perfect in summer, worth a try!