27 Honey Blonde

After getting tired of their natural black hair color, some people choose to change their hair color to a new one. There are many hair colors to choose from on the wig market now, 27 honey blonde is one of the most classic hair colors.

#27 honey blonde is a blonde hair color. Just like its name, this color looks like sweet honey. It's not as bright and shiny as 613 blonde and is light enough; nor is it as dark as brown, 27 honey blonde is a shade in the middle. This color is warm and gentle, making women look more elegant.

27 honey blonde lace front wigsLace front wig is one of the most classic lace wigs and is very common in the market. Alibonnie honey blonde lace front wigs are made from 100% human hair bundles and a 13 inch wide lace front wig. These #27 honey blonde lace front wigs are for those who are always looking for perfection.

27 honey blonde 360 lace wigsAlibonnie has the best 27 honey blonde 360 lace wigs with lots of textures to choose from. The structure of the hat has been carefully designed to ensure safety and comfort for long-term wear. Buy our honey blonde highlight 360 lace wig now, you can use it to create many fashionable hairstyles.


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