20 Inch Wig

Wigs come in different styles, different colors and different lengths. Among them, the length of the wig is an important factor to consider before buying a wig. Your wig length should balance your body shape. We all know how much short and long hair can affect our overall appearance, right? So how about a 20 inch wig length?


20 inch wig length

The 20 inch wig is long enough to reach the back or mid-chest. If you want your hair to blow in the wind and bounce when you walk, a 20 inch wig might be a good choice. However, 20 inch wigs of different types and textures will have completely different effects when worn.

20 inch straight wigs: Straight hair wigs match the actual length. The 20 inch wig ends around the mid-back, making your hair look relatively long.

20 inch wavy wigs: Wavy wigs are slightly shorter than actual length. A 20 inch wavy wig will actually wear 2 inches less than a 20 inch straight hair.

20 inch curly wigs: Curly wigs may be much shorter than the actual length of the wig, depending on how large or tight the curls are. 20 inch curly wigs can be two to four inches shorter than straight wigs, ending around the upper back or armpits for a medium-length style.


Why is 20 inch wig trending?

The 20 inch wig is one of the most popular wig lengths because it gives you volume and length while still maintaining a more natural look. If you're going to an event or a party, you'll want to have long and shiny hair. For this occasion, you should buy a 20 inch wig. Because they are the best fit considering all dimensions. Alibonnie offers 20 inch wigs in different styles and textures that you can buy to create an incredibly beautiful look.