180 Density Wig

Nowadays, the important role of wigs is undeniable, especially when more and more people encounter hair problems, they will choose to wear wigs. Wigs are available in different types and densities. It is important to understand the 180% density in order to get the desired look.

What is a 180% density wig?

First let's understand what is the density of a wig. Wig density is a measure of the thickness and volume of a wig. It all depends on the amount of hair attached to the wig cap. The more hairs in a wig, the higher its density, and the bigger, thicker, and fluffier the wig will be. 180 density is also known as the medium density of the hair system. This density wig is designed for women who want to have fuller and thick hair. If you buy this wig, choose long hair for best results. In other words, 180% density wigs are suitable for longer lengths.

Why should you choose a 180 density wig?

The human hair wig with 180% density can cover the whole head and give your hair more volume. This is one of the reasons why wigs of this density are widely loved all over the world. It also perfectly covers your dwindling hair. Using a 180% density wig is the fastest and cheapest way to achieve thicker hair. Also, it is worth noting that if you want a 180 density wig, don't forget to choose the right length. A good combination of 18-22 inches wig length and 180 density will bring you the hair of your dreams.


Where to buy 180 density wigs?

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