14 Inch Bob Wig

How to measure the length of a bob wig?

After you buy a bob wig online, if you want to know if it is the length you want, you need to measure it to get an accurate result. So how to correctly measure the length of a bob wig? First you need to prepare a ruler and your wig. If you are measuring a straight bob, just use a ruler to measure the length of the wig from root to tip, and the result will be accurate. But if you're measuring other textures, like a wavy wig bob or a curly wig bob, you'll need to do something else. Lay the wig flat on a smooth and flat table, lengthen the wavy or curly textured wig, and choose the longest wig position to measure. Also use a ruler to measure the distance from the root to the tip of the hair, and then record the value.


common bob wig lengths

A classic in the world of short hair styling, bob wigs are available in a variety of styles and lengths. Generally speaking, short hair from 8 inches to 14 inches can be called bob wigs. Beyond this range, it probably doesn't belong in the category of bob wigs. The 8 inch bob wig is the shortest, and its length will be about 3 or 4 cm behind the ear. The 10 inch bob is slightly longer and may reach the chin or neck. The 12 inch bob wig is the most popular length and is long enough to cover your shoulders. And the length of the 14 inch bob wig is undoubtedly the longest, it can reach the position of your collarbone, and the length is about 35 cm.


Who is suitable for a 14 inch bob wig?

The length of the 14 inch bob is not as short as the 8 inch short hair, nor as long as the long wig, it is a kind of centered range. Whether it's a 14 straight bob wig or a 14 curly bob wig, it will make you look great! This length reaches the top of the back, making it ideal for women who like short hair but are too afraid to try a short bob wig easily. For some women who prefer shoulder-length wigs, it's safe and friendly enough to not make too many mistakes in the look.