Would you prefer a deep wave wig or a water wave wig?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on April 12 2023

Nowadays, human hair wigs are very popular and important among black women. We all love braids and wigs, right? But do you know what's different about each type of hair? Because there are so many different types of hair.

The deep wave wig has a similar curly shape to the water wave wig. If you're still unsure which style to choose, it's important to know that both deep waves and water waves are good choices.

Both hair textures provide a similar look and feel; The main difference, however, is that waves tend to make hair look more frizzy. Do you know how to tell the difference between these two hairstyles? Today, we're going to share the difference between a deep-wave wig and a wave wig.


What is a deep wave wig?


The curl pattern of deep waves is similar to that of water waves. Loose, dark curls are also popular with African Americans because they have tight curls, but curly curls are neater than waves.

What is a water wave wig?


Water wave wigs get their name because of their characteristics. It's very smooth, effortless and flows like water. That's why it has become so famous in recent years. The wave design of the water wave hair is progressively articulated as the waves are woven closer together. Water waves are similar in texture to waves on water. It has a big curly hair that makes it look natural and makes it look more elegant and tasteful.

What is the difference between water wave wigs and deep wave wigs?

The deep-wave wig and the wavy wig are very different, although they have an almost similar wavy structure and texture, which makes it difficult to tell them apart when we take a closer look.

The curl pattern

Shubo's curl pattern is not one way. The deep wave's hairstyle is similar to that of the water wave, but slightly neater.


Because wave hair's curls are positioned in one direction, it makes them larger than deep wave hair, which is relatively flat than wave hair.


If you want a sexy and quirky look then you should go for a wave, but if you want a sweet and romantic look then you should go for a deep wave.



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