Why we need a highlight wig&What type of highlights are suitable for you?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on June 21 2023

The fashion trend of wigs comes and goes, but the highlights are eternal. Today, we summarized the four reasons why we need a highlight wig this season. What color and type of highlights are suitable for your hair? First, you need to know what a highlight wig is.


Highlight Straight Headband Wig

What is a highlighted wig?

Highlights are hand drawn, created by weaving small parts of hair and then adding color. Parts can be wrapped in foil for processing or separated by hand. For natural highlights, you or your colorist will shade the middle and end of the hair. Highlights are sometimes misunderstood as only suitable for blonde hair, but any hair that dyes the wig lighter than the base color is a highlight. If your hair is Auburn, plus golden brown hair, it is still considered prominent hair.

If you want a full-color look without a single process of hair color maintenance or drama, highlights are a good choice. The thinner the highlight weave, the more full-color effect it can produce. 

Why are highlighted wigs so popular?

1. You can do anything you dream of!

Highlights add all the depths, sizes, and textures you might think of. Washing dark hair with some carefully arranged highlights can make hair change dramatically.

2. Highlights can highlight the color of eyes, cheekbones and even slim faces.

They show the lines of your hairstyle and create depth and fullness. They are a good introduction to hair color - and no matter what you hear, they apply to all colors.

3. When you want to change the highlighted hairstyle, it can protect your hair from damage

Every hair we know has three layers - the inner fibers form the medulla; Cortex surrounds medulla; The cuticle is the outer layer that protects the more sensitive components inside from damage. If you dye or redesign your hair too many times, the life of your hair will be shortened faster.

4. Suitable for any occasion

Highlights are good colors in any season, especially in spring and summer. When you go to the beach, party, wedding or special date, the queen can wear highlighted colors on all occasions.



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